Official VOCALOID Facebook Page Released


A few days ago the official VOCALOID website announced the English VOCALOID Facebook.

They have stated that they are going to publish official news regarding the Yamaha Corporation, introduce (post) popular VOCALOID (both Japanese and worldwide), interview composers and producers, publish tips and techniques for VOCALOID, release information on VOCALOID and the community, and introduce tools that contribute to enlarge the VOCALOID community (ex. Miku Miku Dance). Along with that you notice that you will see the Facebook cover for the page including some VOCALOID3s, there were a lot of comments on the VOCALOID page asking where fellow VOCALOIDs like Suzune Ring, Hibiki Lui, MAYU, Camui Gackpo, Galaco, Akikoloid-chan, Ueki-loid, Bruno, Clara, and Oliver were missing. Fans pointed out Oliver, Bruno, and Clara more often than the others asking if this was a page for the English/Western fans, where are the Western VOCALOIDs? Well they gave an answer.

We greatly appreciate so many comments and likes from you for the launch! Thank you very much for your kind greetings!

Also, we are currently under construction to invite other characters not here into cover illustration as much and fast as possible.

We hope they should be available soon, so please be waited!

While this was answered, there is still a mystery about Aoki Lapis being so big in the cover when she is officially 15cm high.

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8 thoughts on “Official VOCALOID Facebook Page Released”

  1. It puts a lot of strain on graphic artists to fit more and more Vocaloid characters into a layout.

    1. You mean the official Hatsune Miku page? That’s only Crypton-run. It seems this new VOCALOID page is run by Yamaha.

      There’s also the Vocaloids fan page, but that one is run by niconico, apparently.

  2. Looks like they only used the images of the japanase vocaloid 3,… all of the teenages girls. -.-

    Why an official page of Vocaloid only talks about them?,there is not information about males, or engilish vocaloids there :S, no Oliver,Clara or Bruno,etc.

    1. (I know that they said they are going to “invite” more characters soon, but looks suspicious that they only added the girls here, or is that the companies of the others vocaloids didn’t answered?, I don’t thik so, that is the official vocaloid page, right?: they just “invited” the moe girls first, and now, after the release of the website, they are thinking about to add some others vocaloids. :S )

    2. Well, there are no Japanese male V3’s yet other than Gakupo. And I assume they need some sort of permission to use the western V3’s avatars. Perhaps this is because the companies own the actual image of the characters, not Yamaha.

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