Update: Celtic VOCALOID Coming Soon, Her Name Is Avanna

Well I was getting skeptical about the new English Celtic VOCALOID and if she was going to be released in summer like sources claimed. I decided to e-mail Zero-G myself about the matter and they told me this.

Isn’t this exciting? Hopefully she gets out before Hatsune Miku English so she isn’t overshadowed. Anyways what do you guys think of the name? Please post your comments below!

UPDATE: Zero-G has recently confirmed that the Celtic VOCALOID will be more pop and dance centered than Celtic. Here is a quote from another e-mail.

We are hoping to get the Celtic voice released very soon – it is almost finished.

She will be called Avanna and will be a lot more pop and dance than our other Vocaloids but with a Celtic twist.

We havent got any demos for her yet as we cant start making these until he Vocaloid editing is finished.

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23 thoughts on “Update: Celtic VOCALOID Coming Soon, Her Name Is Avanna”

  1. It’s more important how she sounds rather than her name. It’s nice enough though as a girl’s name…

  2. Wouldn’t she get overshadowed if she is released before MikuEN? She’d be tossed aside like old news—like Prima, Luka. (´・ㅅ・)…

    Anyways, this is EXCITING. I like how this bank made to achieve a specific genre.

    Are their current Celtic Vocaloid songs produced to date?
    Comparing previous Vocaloid Celtic productions with Avanna would be cool.

    1. There’s actually a lot more than one would think, Kaoling makes a lot of Celtic songs. Also according to Zero-G she will also be able to sing pop but I’m still waiting on clarification. I can’t wait until they release the male Celtic VOCALOID though, he’ll probably be able to do pop too and that would be the best thing ever.

      Edit: I thought of it as “if she’s released first people will buy her first because she’s the first female English VOCALOID 3”.

      1. !!! :0 I know where I will spend the next few days searching! Thanks. Sadly, knowing this fandom, a male counterpart will be forced even before the creation of male counterpart is even thought of ; __; )

        Also, I see where you are coming from, now. People popularly believe Miku is the first in two categories, when it’s just her (JP)category. Sweet Ann was first in her(EN) category, but maybe with the title boost she(Avanna) could get popular? (ゝ。∂)

        1. Hatsune Miku isn’t the first in Japanese and Sweet Ann isn’t the first English unless you’re being specific to V2. Also I believe the male was confirmed a long-time ago but I’m not to sure.

          1. Super sorry for the late reply, and yes, Zero-G mentioned in the V3 announcements (over a year ago now) that they would be making counterpart VOCALOIDs like before, it’s pretty safe to assume the counterpart would be for Avanna.

  3. If only they could finagle her into the cast of a Project DIVA game. That’d get some eyes on her pretty quick.

  4. I’m almost certain that I’ve heard Miriam , Prima and Al(with rin and another who ive forgotten.) sing songs in the Celtic Genre…

  5. Well, still no demo of course: but I’m happy that she is going to be released soon!
    I hope her to not be a mature voice anyway, we have lots of teenage girls in japanase Vocaloids, but not in englih Vocaloids.

    About her name, “Avanna” sounds cool and original, but more important: I want to hear her voice! xD

  6. Well, a more pop english Vocaloid would be nice, specially V3.
    I’m tired of the japanase pop girls, but an english one, and Celtic themed is one of the bsts new about V3 line!

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