Suzune Ring Gets Two New Demos

Today we learned that Suzune Ring, one of the new Vocaloids from VocaNext received two new original demos in Nico Video. Suzune Ring is the Vocaloid from “Everyone’s Vocaloid Project” and her provider is MiKA who is going to make her debut as a solo signer in Daisy x Daisy. Both of the demos are original songs.

The first demo is is called Village Girl Dreaming, the YouTube re-print can be found here.

The second song is titled Ice World, a YouTube re-print is also available.

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6 thoughts on “Suzune Ring Gets Two New Demos”

  1. In my opinion, considering how vastly different her voice changes in both demos, Ring is probably be a versatile voicebank. However, the only flaw I can say about Ring is that she has no special quality that can easily be identified. (Ex. Cul’s whine pitch or Yuki’s soft whispery voice).

    With that being said, I’ll give it a few days before comparisons are made to see which vocaloids she sounds like the most.

    1. Currently we can’t tell of any special qualities that she carries, I mean these are just demos and they all sound very different, I think we just need to wait until she’s actually released so we can see what separates her from the others~

  2. I have a sudden urge to eat waffles now …

    About the 2nd demo.  Hi CUL.  No?  Ok, not CUL.

    It’s hard to explain this, but something I noticed about a particular characteristic with SeeU’s voice (a sort of lisp that isn’t really a lisp?) is also sort of evident in Ring’s voice in the 2nd demo.  Maybe my hearing is broken or I’m imagining it.

    Now, where can I get fresh waffles around here …

  3. She sound a bit too nasal to my taste, but overall I think the voice is distinguishable enough, well at least more distinguishable than her appearance which reminds me of an other teal-haired character used for a *cough* famous *cough* voicebank.
    All in all, sounds good, I’m not really enthusiastic but the appeal of a voice is really a matter of taste, I’m sure some will like it.

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