Chinese Vocaloid Luo Tianyi & Friends Revealed!

Yes, the time has finally come that the Chinese Vocaloid’s design is revealed that was promised little under a month ago at February. The delay, I can say, was well worth the wait, not only did we get Tianyi but also a few friends and stories to go with them. We also found out the distributor is Shanghai He Nian, you might recognize the company once you click the link. Anyways here is the information!

Click for the original design & concept.
Age: 15
Height: 156cm (5’1″)

Luo Tianyi (洛天依), she is currently the only known of the picked designs to be getting a voice, she also has a story to go along with her. Here is a translation (thank you Vivi) of her information and story located in the official site.

A new Vocaloid, is sensitive and quiet. She worships the known Vocaloids who made history in human world, and wishes she herself would be a Vocaloid who can bring happiness and love to the world. Someday she was summoned to the earth with an important mission, and come to us as a new Vocaloid.

She is gentle in general, but also firm in her heart, never gives up no matter how much setbacks she met.

She just came to the human world and knew nothing about human language, so she can only sing to express her feelings.

Her special ability as a Vocaloid is to feel and read the hidden songs in human mind, things like one’s strong emotion or songs that is repeating in one’s head. She can hear it even if the very person cannot explain it to her, and she would love to sing it out for that person.

Also here’s a little information from the translator on her name.

About her name: Luo (骆) is the last name of a goddess (Luoshen, 洛神) in ancient Chinese legends, this goddess plays marvellous music and is considered as one of the goddesses of music in China. Tian (天) means Tianlai (天籁) that is sounds of nature, used in Chinese to describe the most beautiful voices. Yi(依) is short for Yiren (伊人) that means fair lady in ancient Chinese.

Click for the original design & concept.
Age: 14
Height: 150cm (4’11”)

Zhiyu Moke (徵羽摩柯), he is one of the winning designs for the Vocaloid China Project, it is currently unknown if he will get a voice but what we do know is he can be see playing a instrument in the official Vocaloid China Project website along with the other characters that are also not confirmed as Vocaloids. Also here is Zhiyu Moke’s story also translated.

A mixed-blood boy with IQ 168, people consider him as a genius. He smiles to everyone so people consider him cute, but actually he’s an Otaku wish great skills to make MADs and upload to video sites. Fellow otakus like to call him Moke-P or something like that.

Is usually mistaken as a girl, he himself hates it, but rumor said he likes to cosplay as a girl in Comikes.

Does not talk to much and people consider him quite a frank boy. Only close friends knows he’s an otaku. He likes to comment on his favorite videos and songs seriously and always comes up with brilliant comments, but does not say anything to what he’s not interested in.

Hates being lonely.

Click for the original design & concept.
Age: 17
Height: 171cm (5’7″)

Mo Qingxian (墨清弦), is also another winning entry, here is her background.

High school girl, is quite popular in her school, cool and stable and good-looking, is so mysterious that people fear to go near her. …well just seemed so.

Actually it’s her born bad health that made her quite slow in reaction. Her wearing is quite fashion but regarding her behavior she is kind of a traditional lady. Likes ancient books and poems, is good at Chinese traditional instruments.

Though slow in action most of time, she is quite a generous girl and cares a lot about people around her. Somehow she would come up with mysterious meaningful sayings which represents her wisdom, such as:

“Something is born before the universe, it’s empty, yet independent, it’s the mother of earth. No one knows its name, so we call it Tao.”

Click for the original design & concept.
Age: 16
Height: 160cm (5’2″)

Yuezheng Ling (乐正绫), if you were searching for fanart of Luo Tianyi before chances are you’ve seen this face around, anyways here is her story as well.

A 16-year-old high school girl. Active and full of life. Her family owns a music company. She is forthright in character, and likes to run about experiencing new things, even boys cannot compete with her on this. She likes music and hairy dolls. Is somehow quite annoyed by something related with her brother these days…

One day she met a mysterious girl and…

Click for the original concept & design.
Age: 23
Height: 180cm (5’10”)

Yuezheng Longya (乐正龙牙), also a winning entry, he is now the brother of Yuezheng Ling. Here is his story.

Ling’s big brother, his family owns a music company. He’s smart and is hopefully to become a successful president in the future.

Like his sister, Longya is also forthright in character, and overall a steady man. Is convincing and strong, but hates dealing with troublesome business.

Is a bit indulgent to his sister, and gets nervous on meeting with Ling’s matters. So we consider him a… sister complex.

So what do you guys think about them? Do you like the backgrounds? Please leave your thoughts below in the comment section!

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34 thoughts on “Chinese Vocaloid Luo Tianyi & Friends Revealed!”

  1. That’s…quite a bit of Chinese. I might order noodles.wwwwww

    Still, I like the designs! I hope they’ll add voices soon, even though I can’t understand Chinese.  Also, I’m sure their gov’s will only allow select citizens use the product. Kind of a shame, but どう でも いい. Go China!!

    1. Currently Lui Tianyi is the only one who’s getting a voice, hopefully if she becomes popular enough in China they will make the voices for the other ones, we can only hope for the best.

  2. I LOVE THEM they are so adorable, and I love the artists style! goodness I hope they get poplar <3 Most new vocaloids kinda don't reach the old ones such as kaito miku and rin/len

  3. Yay, finally chinese vocaloids! I’ve learning chinese for about a month now and I’m looking foward to it.

  4. Here, I thought the original design for Tianyi was great.  They actually improved her even more.  Very nice.  I like all the designs.

    1. Actually, I just noticed. For the last two, the Chinese names are exactly the same. The first two characters are “Yuezheng”, but for the brother it should be different.

    1. The designs were re-made by Ideolo, he apparently has made a bunch of TouHou art so it might be familiar to you.

  5. I looking forward to spreading those VOCALOIDs in China!
    They are so cute and cool as Japanese VOCALOIDs.
    I want to conpose them and comnicate with people all over the warld!

    1. The translator also made a video on how to pronounce the names on YouTube,it’s called “How to pronounce the names of Vocaloid China/中国語のボーカロイド正しい読め方” if you want to check it out. Luo Tianyi’s name is pronounced more like “Lu-ah”.

  6. I like how unique these ones are! Although I have to say I dont like how the official artist decided to remove key elements from the originals… 🙁

  7. Most of the comments I’m seeing are from people who think all of them are becoming Vocaloids. This is incorrect. Only Luo Tianyi is currently becoming a Vocaloid. In my opinion, the background information gives too much personality to them. This is the only aspect I dislike.

  8. I don’t mind if these characters are accompanying Luo Tian Yi but if all of them has voice, we will be over-flooded. Seems like we keep getting new Vocaloid every half year or so >_>;;

    1. Recently it’s been much faster than that, especially with the release of Vocaloid3. Every half-year was the steady rate until about after Megpoid was released.

  9. I kinda like them (esp the two males, the fandom seriously needs some testosterones.) And I’m quite surprised that tianyi’s friends are also winning entries made even better. 

    At least there’s some reason why they’re being promoted with her and not just to make her a back story.

    I support this!! Go china!!! 🙂

  10. i don’t really like the design for the first two characters, the rest is okay though…..

  11. The design is good, but I cannot find anything about Chinese culture through these characters. The original one are much better than these one.TTATT

  12. CUTE!

    i really like the song FEEL YOUR DREAM by Tianyi~

    wish they add the voice for Zhiyu Moke soon!!! I really wanna hear a Chinese Shota voice!!!! And he is soooo ADORABLE !!!! <3333

  13. I’m planning to cosplay as Yuezheng Ling but I’m not sure how to pronounce Yuezheng. Can you help?

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