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One thought on “Popipo”

  1. From he perspective of a person who is really into anime, manga, and vocaloid, this outfit is fine for the English Miku voice bank. From the perspective of an American used to American pop culture and not Japanese, however, I honestly don’t like it.

    Now, if when the judges chose it, they were thinking of the product being sold to extreamly patriotic otakus who either can’t or don’t want to learn Japanese, then they were dead on in choosing. But if they expected this to be sold to the entire country, they should have done a little more research on American pop culture. There are several things about this outfit, that would probably do better in Japan, would most likely turn the non-otaku away.

    While I am a patrotic person, I find the red-white-and-blue theme tiring, I would get bored of it eventually. The design is rather cheerleader-like, and the skirt is very short. And while strange-clored hair is common in Japanese pop culture, the same can not be said of America. Lastly, high pigtails are not avery common hair style.

    All of these factors contribute to why this outfit will not help English Miku’s sales in America. While I like this outfit, it would not sell well in America.

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