ALYS To Be Developed for Another Engine

On July 12, 2014, VoxWave announced that they were planning “A New Beginning For ALYS” via blog post. This blog post simply said-

Hello everyone ! Long time not see ! We have some news for you ! Please read our press release.

-with an accompanying link to the press release.

In the press release, they mentioned that their team had arrived home from their visit to Japan, and that an agreement had been formed with the people in charge of the CeVIO Creative Studio Project for ALYS to be developed for the CeVIO Engine.

Many people were confused, as the status of the VOCALOID Project had not been mentioned in the press release, and it was thought that ALYS was going to be developed for both VOCALOID and CeVIO. However, it was later confirmed that the VOCALOID Project for ALYS had been dropped, and that she will only be developed for the CeVIO Engine. She will be able to Speak and Sing in both French and Japanese, making her the first French Voice developed for CeVIO, the second singing voice developed for the software, and the fourth speaking voice developed.

New accounts on Twitter and Facebook have been opened for ALYS and VoxWave, as well as a new URL For their Official Website.

It was also noted that another¬†version of ALYS is being developed “on another software” and will not be publicly released, but will be given to producers who have shown interest in writing songs with her.

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  1. I might sound like an idiot for posting this, but has ALYS been announced anywhere else on Vocaloidism? I’ve never heard of her. Furthermore, what’s CeVIO? This is all very new to me and I have no idea what’s going on, what, what, what, I’m confused.

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