Author: samth1815

ALYS To Be Developed for Another Engine

On July 12, 2014, VoxWave announced that they were planning “A New Beginning For ALYS” via blog post. This blog post simply said- Hello everyone ! Long time not see ! We have some news for you ! Please read our press release. -with an accompanying link to the press release.

HoneyWorks Debuts New Test Voicebank

Recently, HoneyWorks¬†released a new song, but it had a new voice in it. In the description, this voice was said to be a new “Test VOCALOID3”. This new voice has been dubbed “v flower” for the time being, and the voice has been described numerous times as a power type voicebank with a crisp voice.
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Merli Added to the iVOCALOID Lineup

The iVOCALOID app series hasn’t seen much activity recently, however, Yamaha recently released i-Style Project’s latest voice bank, Merli, for the engine. The application is currently available on the App Store and costs 2,700 JPY normally but is on sale for 1,000 JPY until April 16th. Previous issues with iOS 7 have reportedly been fixed
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