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VOCALOID Spotlight: What’s Popular Now?

Welcome to another VOCALOID spotlight! This time, we’ll feature three of the most popular VOCALOID videos on Nico Nico Douga. One of which is a Len song by a NicoNicoArtist, and two of which are a Miku song. Enjoy! 08/08/02 02:04 投稿 【 鏡音レン / Fire◎Flower 】オリジナル曲 夏と言えば花火!!花火と言えば恋!? 4:20

Weekly Ranking #45

Welcome to another Weekly Ranking! It seems that last week’s chaos is back to normal, along with some nice Miku songs, although there are hardly any new song this week, probably due to the currently underway MikuMikuDance cup on Nico Nico Douga. Anyway, without further ado, here’s my review of this week’s ranking! 08/08/12 01:07
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VOCALOID Tutorial – Entering the Lyrics

So now that you have the pitches you created yourself or from importing the MIDI file as shown as in the previous step. After you created the pitch, you could clearly see that they’ve filled the lyrics section with a bunch of “a”. So you could play it and hear your VOCALOID says “a” with
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VOCALOID Tutorial – MIDI File Import

Hi! And welcome to a new section of this blog! In this section, we will discuss and learn more about the VOCALOID editor, the actual software itself to make VOCALOID songs. On the VOCALOID editor screen, you enter lines on the screen on the appropriate pitch for your VOCALOID to sing. But if you have
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Miku Mixing Box!

I want one :< At the Summer Wonder Festival this week, the Miku Mixing Box was announced. It’s a collaboration by Weekly Shounen Magazine and Crypton. The Mixing Box would contain a Miku fan book consisting of fanarts from PIAPRO, A new Miku Figure (see picture above), a Premier DVD consisting of songs and videos
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