19’s Sound Factory: First Sound Story

An awesome Miku album! >w< Now, it has been a while since a Hatsune Miku album is released… And another officially released album is released 3 days ago. It was 19’s Sound Factory’s “First Sound Story”. You may have heard “Dear” or “Gratitude”… Those are awesome Miku songs created by suiitsu(emi)P or usually called 19’s
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Racing Miku Itasha!

Miku Itasha? That’s pretty normal right now… But a race-car Miku Itasha? Now THAT’s amazing! How did it come to this? Well, thanks to dtshyk, here’s the translated dialog… Chief: “Does anyone have a novel idea for the team concept?” Manager Kiyo-san: “How about ‘Itasha’?” Chief: “Adopted!” Jun-san: “Which character should we choose?” Kiyo-san: “The
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Counting Down…

It’s almost Miku’s birthday. It’s 10 days from now, to be exact. So what’ll be going on in her birthday? Firstly, I can’t wait for the Annual Rankings… I’ll be sure to make a great post about it. And I’m sure many song composer would make a great song for her birthday. Even race car
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On the cosplay departement…

I’ve been looking into the Nico Nico Douga mylist ranking a lot these few days… And one thing catched my eye. A miku cosplay. A singing miku cosplay. I rarely see miku cosplays, and this one is really amazing, especially her singing. And then I found out that she’s from YouTube, so if this is
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Weekly Ranking #46

Another week, another ranking! Sorry for the delay of this week’s ranking, everyone, I was too tired to be up last night… I’ll make sure I won’t be late again next week! This week, it’s FULL OF WIN! Many of my favorite songs are going up, and some of my hated songs are going down!
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Nico Nico Douga Ryuuseigun Orchestra

Remember Nico Nico Douga Ryuuseigun? The original was awesome, people started to make a PV on it, some crazy people dubbed it, and an even crazier person dubbed it in english, and then a miku version was created! Well, that video was so popular on Nico Nico Douga, so what’s next? An orchestra, of course!

VOCALOID Tutorial – ReWire

The VOCALOID Editor is compatible with many different formats such as the popular ReWire. Those of you who are using ReWire-supported applications such as Cubase, it’s strongly recommended to connect it to the VOCALOID editor. To be honest, I don’t really understand about the ReWire technology, so I can’t give any extra hints and tips
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