After posting a teaser demo song made by Peperon-P, INTERNET has now put up a webpage talking about its upcoming VOCALOID3 voice bank, Chika. It is based on the voice of Itoh Chiaki, a member of avex’s seven-person music act AAA. Chika is touted as a versatile voice bank able to hit both highs and
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Mirai no Neiro at Anime Expo 2014

Every year, Delusion Production House (D.P.H) hosts a Vocaloid panel at Anime Expo called “Mirai no Neiro -Sound of the Future-“. At this panel, Vocaloid-related creators present and talk about their works. Several of the guests came all the way from Japan at their own expense. Despite the first panel starting 9:30am on Sunday July
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ALYS To Be Developed for Another Engine

On July 12, 2014, VoxWave announced that they were planning “A New Beginning For ALYS” via blog post. This blog post simply said- Hello everyone ! Long time not see ! We have some news for you ! Please read our press release. -with an accompanying link to the press release.

galaco NEO Gets Early August Release Date

Yamaha has unveiled a teaser site for the upcoming galaco NEO, shortly after DTM Magazine posted their article. Yamaha will release the packaged version of galaco NEO in early August with “open pricing” (i.e. retailers set their own prices; it’s the norm for a lot of Japanese products, including some VOCALOID libraries) and a download
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