Regarding The Disasters In Japan

Update on March 14th 2011: Added another spreadsheet as pointed out on HatsuneMikuMiku blog. With the unfortunate and difficult times that Japan is experiencing currently our thoughts and prayers are with those suffering from the massive earthquakes and tsunamis that follow, as well as those affected in the Pacific Ocean region. While the people in
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Winter WonFes 2011 Vocaloid Figures Coverage

During the recently concluded Winter Wonder Festival 2011 Good Smile Company and Max Factory revealed a number of Vocaloid figures which we can come to expect from them in the near future. For more images and information just continue reading after the break.

Project DIVA Arcade Officially Coming Over To Singapore!

For those who remembered about the location tests for Project DIVA Arcade over in Singapore last September it seems our wishes have finally been granted. The game will officially be in Singapore starting next month and you can expect more songs to be added as well. For more information please continue reading after the break.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kagamine Rin and Len!

Ever since Kagamine Rin and Len were officially born back on December 27th 2007 we have been hearing lots of great songs from them thanks to the many talented producers around, and this year of 2010 is no exception. What’s better still is that Append Rin and Len will also be released today, which makes
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VOCALO Revolution!

Yes, you have probably been hearing about this “VOCALO Revolution” lately and wondering what it is about. Well, it’s a TV program which consists of interviews with the respective software creators and developers, Producers and their fans while showcasing some of the latest Vocaloid PVs around, and all in all helping to bring the cultural
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More Demo And Sample Songs Update For Rin/Len Append (As of Dec 25th)

With a mere couple of days before the official release of Rin/Len Append there’s been more demo and sample songs which was updated on the Rin/Len Append page thanks to Crypton. Demo Song 4 – Ningyo Hime – Main: Rin Sweet, Chrous: Rin Sweet, Producer – MezameP [audio:] Demo Song 5 – Sanity – Main:
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More Sample Songs Added For Rin/Len Append

Recently Crypton has yet again updated the Rin/Len Append page with new sample songs and you can listen to them below. Rin-Hai Sengen – Rin Warm, Producer – JevanniP [audio:] Darkness Six – Len Power, Producer – AVTechNO! [audio:] Boku wa Haineko – Len Power (Cold), Lyrics – Urahanabi, Compose – NioP [audio:] Yotsuba no
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