galaco NEO Gets Early August Release Date

Yamaha has unveiled a teaser site for the upcoming galaco NEO, shortly after DTM Magazine posted their article. Yamaha will release the packaged version of galaco NEO in early August with “open pricing” (i.e. retailers set their own prices; it’s the norm for a lot of Japanese products, including some VOCALOID libraries) and a download
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v flower Gets May 9 Release Date

Yamaha has just posted a press release announcing more details about the upcoming “v flower” VOCALOID3 voice bank that had been used recently in a new song by production team HoneyWorks. The voice bank will have a May 9 release as a digital download at 9333 JPY, with a hard copy version scheduled for summer
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Merli, MAIKA and Macne

With the end of the year approaching, it seems that many VOCALOID3 releases are happening or are about to happen. We’ve compiled some information about three sound libraries whose names all start with “M”: Merli, MAIKA and Macne.

Crypton’s Free Offerings for Currently Registered Users

Crypton Future Media is currently offering several software packages as free downloads to existing registered users of its software. Users must have created an account with Crypton and registered serial numbers corresponding to the required products in order to be eligible. Currently, three offerings are available, and all current offerings end on February 28, 2014.